Mercedes AMG hyper car features and picture gallery: An F1 monster hyper car

An F1 monster hyper car

Did you just see that car! It’s just like a transformer car with great sexy looks and you will sure mouth water after seeing this car. This future car of Mercedes will rock the roads with its stunning design and speed. This is really an super car from the German car manufacturer Mercedes. The Mercedes AMG hyper car will be powered with a great 1.6 liter turbo charged v-6. There are many outstanding features of this F1 car from Mercedes.

The weird part is that the Mercedes haven’t named this hyper car yet. As of now it is only called as AMG project of Mercedes. This car has an F1 engine in it which supports on a fast speedy track and on a normal dusty road. This monster has a great horsepower of more than thousand. The Mercedes AMG hyper car will be a milestone achievement for Mercedes. After releasing this car, Mercedes will also stand in the elite car market with Aston Martin, Ferrari, Bugatti and Porsche.


The saddest part is that only few units something like 250-300 cars will be produced and the buyers who want to buy this super car should book it in advance. The buyers can lay their hands on this AMG hyper car by 2018 for test drive and can get their own car by 2019. Mercedes is planning to sell the cars before even it is unveiled. This is a secret project carried out by Mercedes. Only rich millionaires can buy this car as normal people or even average rich people can’t even imagine buying this car. Just imagine the price as only 250-300 cars are being produced, do you think Mercedes will sell this car for an affordable price.

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However, in Frankfurt auto show only the production car will be unveiled as Mercedes don’t want to show the complete model of this hyper car to the world. The Mercedes AMG hyper call will be sold before its launch only. This is a great and daring move by Mercedes as it got the monster car and millionaire buyers. Well as we can’t buy or lay hands on it, at least let us hope to see the F1 Mercedes car with our eyes.

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