All Medical shops to remain closed on May 30: Reasons

pharmacy shops strike

All the pharmacies in the country have called for one day bandh due to government’s new rule. Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore and almost all the cities have joined the bandh and all the medical shops will be remained close for one full day.

It has been confirmed by the declaration of the Association of Chemists and Druggists in our state. It has been decided that the shops would be shut down from 00.00 hrs to 24.00  hrs on May 30.

All Medical shops to remain closed on May 30: Reasons

But, there is a sigh of relief to the critical and emergency pharmacies that are associated with the state run hospitals. This brings relief to patients who are in need of emergency medicines.

The reason for the agitation of the dealers and chemists is that the new rule rolled out by the government that mandates the compulsory uploading of the sales and purchases on a daily basis. This tedious task they say, would hamper their business and might create hurdles for availability of medicines.

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Hope their demands would be met before the deadline and the hardships of people would be mitigated.

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