McDonalds closed in Delhi, 1700 lose jobs: Why?

McDonalds closed in Delhi

McDonalds closed in Delhi and almost 1700 people will lose their jobs due to this massive shut down of McDonalds in Delhi. There are total 45 McDonalds outlets in Delhi and almost 43 Mcdonalds outlets will be closed in Delhi. Connaught Plaza Restaurants and US based burger giant are operating McDonalds outlets in Delhi as a 50-50 venture.

The CPRL has decided to close McDonalds in Delhi. This cricial decision to close McDonalds was taken in a Skype call of a board meeting to close McDonalds in Delhi. The main reason is CPRL failed to get the required regulatory health licences renewal. The 1700 employees will go job less or will be allocated to other restaurants.

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