Mastodon is the new social-media channel: Stop tweeting and start tooting

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A new rival in the social media is rising slowly and is now challenging twitter. Mastodon is the new social media experiment which is similar to twitter and Facebook. For many years after twitter has emerged in the social media platform, it has got millions of users and billions of tweets. Mastodon is the social media channel which can be used by toots just like tweets in twitter.

Got bored with tweeting? Then try tooting! Fun isn’t it? Mastodon is the name of extinct mammoths. This latest social media platform is offered for free and rivals against the paid and commercial social media channels. Mastodon is a free and open social media network for everyone.

new social media channel

Mastodon provides great security and is user friendly which avoids graphic violence, Adult content, racism and untagged pornography. This is anti-thesis to what twitter is actually doing. Twitter doesn’t eradicate any such offensive content but Mastodon has stated clear guidelines for the users.

The users are increasing every day and mastodon has to take necessary steps as soon as possible for handling its over loaded users. Yes, Mastodon site is getting down frequently and now it has even stopped taking new users stating that the site is currently down and comeback again. If this issue prolongs than it will not sustain for a longer period and forget about challenging twitter.

Mastodon is the new social-media channel

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Mastodon is created by a young man, Eugen Rochko. This 24 year old tech lover is hesitated with new twitter changes and commercialism in the social media platforms. Rochko stated that he didn’t created Mastodon for earning money but to offer people free social media service. Rochko has named this new social media platform after the famous metal band ‘Mastodon’.

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