Maruti, Tata and Renault are top automobile companies in India, 2017


According to new PTI report, Maruti Suzuki, Tata Motors and Renault are the top players in the Indian automobile market. PTI has announced top seven car selling companies in India and Maruti, Tata, Renault stood in top three positions. While these companies has seen tremendous growth in their car sales in the past one year and companies like Honda, Mahindra and Hyundai has witnessed a massive downfall in their overall sales.

Even Toyota Kirloskar car sales have also been fallen when compared to its past year sale. Society of Indian Automobile manufacturers (SIAM) has reported that domestic passenger cars sales have been increased rapidly with over 9.16%. However Maruti Suzuki once again claimed its first position in the car sales. Maruti also increased growth in sale by 47.8%.

SIAM stated that Tata Motors has improved its sales by 0.2 percent when compared to its previous sales. From 5.45 it went up to 5.6. However Honda is having a bad time in car sales as its share in the market has been fallen by 5%. Toyota is also going in the same line of Honda as even Toyota lost its market share by 4.68%.

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However the main key player in the automobile sales is Renault which boosted its sales with just one product, Renault. This is the first time ever Renault has doubled its sales in the country. Renault should thank kwid for this which played a main role in Renault’s sales in the country. Without Kwid Renault would be in much lower rank in the overall car sales. From 2.34% market share it went to 4.44% market share in just one year.

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