Margin Financiers ride on DMart IPO wave: More details

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DMart has created a new record involving in a whopping Rs 50,000 crores funding activity and this is a new record. The Initial Public Offer (IPO) controls the supermarket chain DMart has shaken the world in margin financing. Earlier Coal India has raised Rs 15,000 crore seven years back and now that record has gone in the storm created by DMart.

DMart will increase Rs 1870 crore at INR 299 per single share. DMart will wipe the earlier records of oversubscriptions as funds and margin funding as the NBFCs in India have already promised funds of Rs 50,000 crore. The IPO quotes at 100% which is premium on the Rs 299 issue price on a share in the grey market of Ahmadabad, Kolkata, Delhi, Rajkot and Mumbai.

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The non-retail bidders can have 100% subscription until the allotment is made. After allotment is successfully made then the left over amount on which subscriptions are not received will be returned back. NBFC can give 99% funds to the majority HNIs as the NBFC’s have become one of the top financiers after just brokerage of houses.

According to few experts, more than 100 times of BSE’s IPO in subscriptions may be done by DMart without any difficult. It has already gained 50 times more oversubscriptions and has gained 45% on the listing. In the present era DMart has emerged as one of the top profitable retail chain store company in India. In the IPO, more than 6.23 crore shares are offered.

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In the total of 100% shares, half of the shares were reserved for institutional category and 35% were given to the retail and the remaining shares were given to others like HNIs.

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