How many people in India watch YouTube in mobile phones? Latest report


YouTube is one of the largest video streaming channels. YouTube has millions of videos and billions of people across the globe watch videos in YouTube. In the past few months or years, YouTube has become as another search engine which helps in giving you info in the form of videos. Just like websites, even in YouTube you can find millions of channels and many people are earning via YouTube just like adsense of Google.

However YouTube usage has been grown rapidly to a great extent. In India there are around 300 million smartphone users and many of them are availing internet. After the boom of smartphones, people are using smartphones more often than systems. Nowadays smartphone is being used as system and everything is available in the smartphones.

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According to ‘YouTube Fanfesta’ reports, around 180 million people in India are using YouTube in just smartphones. This number doesn’t include the users of desktop or laptops. After Reliance Jio free data offers this has increased even more and not only it helped YouTube but also for Facebook which has seen a immense growth in the last quarter just because of Reliance Jio free internet.

YouTube usage on smartphones has been grown to 80% which was at 55% last year. The watch time in the smartphones was also improved by a massive 400%. In just 2016, more than 500 video creators have got over 100k subscribers in just one year and this is pretty awesome. YouTube has now become a craze in India and the creators are joining immensely.

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YouTube announced that 14 creators in India are gaining 1million subscribers each month. This is possible only with the help of immense smartphone growth and internet availability for everyone. In coming future, YouTube may have more users and creators.

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