Manoj Goyal wife Neelima commits suicide; Reasons

Manoj Goyal wife Neelima commits suicide

Famous TV actor Manoj Goyal wife Neelima commits suicide in her bedroom. This is really a sad and shocking incident. Manoj Goyal and his wife Neelima were married few years back and the couple also has a daughter. Yesterday afternoon, Manoj Goyal went for shooting and his daughter went for tuition. Neelima took this life-ending decision at this time when there is no one at home.

Neelima locked herself in bedroom and hanged to ceiling fan. She also wrote a letter saying that nobody is responsible for her death and she went into deep depression. When Neelima’s daughter returned to home, the doors were locked and there was no response from her mother. She alerted the neighbors and they informed to police.

Police broken into ┬ámanoj Goyal’s house and they found Neelima hanging to fan. Police booked case as suicidal death but still they are investigating the case in case if there are any suspicious activities. Manoj Goyal’s friend said that “they were a happy couple and I don’t exactly what made Neelima to take this decision. May god give strength to Manoj Goyal and his daughter”.

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