Manchu Lakshmi shocking comments on Nirbhaya convicts

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The entire nation expressed happiness for the decision taken by Supreme Court of India. The convicts of Nirbhaya case got death sentence for their cruelty five years ago. The convicts have raped and humiliated Nirbhaya and she died at hospital in Singapore. The entire nation was in distress due to the incident and the convicts have sentenced to death by SC.

Soon after Supreme Court announced the death penalty, many celebrities have expressed their happiness in twitter and even Telugu actress and producer Manchu Lakshmi was also one of them.  After the SC announcement, laskhmi tweeted: SC awards death sentence to the #Nirbhaya case convicts. I hope this would make them suffer for what Nirbhaya suffered 5 years ago!

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Well there’s nothing wrong with these tweets but soon she has taken a U turn on her statements. Manchu Lakshmi stated that “The convicts were humans too and death penalty is not fair and instead of imposing death sentence the convicts should be taught value of women. I think a second chance should be given to the convicts so that they would realize the mistake they have done”.

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Well with these new tweets, Lakshmi is getting trolled harshly in Social media. People are opposing her statements saying how is it fair to leave someone who raped and humiliated a girl. However the entire nation welcomed the decision taken by SC and the court has proved once again that every criminal will be punished.

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