Manadna Karimi files case on husband, reason will shock you!

Mandana Karimi husband Gaurav Gupta

Bigg Boss contestant Manadana Karimi files case on husband Gaurav Gupta. The duo loved each other before marriage as their tastes matched. But it looks like after getting married everything has changed. Manadana Karimi has filed domestic violence case on her husband Gaurav Gupta, parents and brother. Manadana Karimi stated that they are offending her from acting and are killing her privacy.

Mandana karimi bold images Mandana Karimi hot exposing

Gaurav Gupta’s family is no allowing Mandana even to meet her friends and locked her in a home without privacy. Mandana wants to continue her career in modelling and acting but Gaurav’s family opposed it as it doesn’t suit their family reputation in the society. Irony is Mandana Karimi and Gaurav Gupta married in January 2017 and within five months after their marriage Mandana karimi files case on husband. Let us hope their issues solves as soon as possible.

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