Man in Alaska kills wife just for laughing; Here’s the truth!

Man in Alaska kills wife for laughing!

A man in Alaska kills his wife on a boat. US police were shocked, not because of the murder but because of the reason husband killed his wife. A man named Kenneth killed his wife Kristi for just laughing. Yes, this was the reason said by the husband when he was interrogated by the police. Kenneth and Kristi were enjoying their honeymoon in a luxurious yacht.

On some unknown reason, Kristi started laughing continuously at Kenneth and he couldn’t control his anger on his wife. So, he cruelly killed his wife. The staff of the boat found blood coming out from their room and they found the dead body of Kristi covered in blood. The boat management have informed police and they have taken Kenneth into custody.

Police were shocked for Kenneth’s reason of killing his wife for very small and silly reason. However, police are still interrogating Kenneth and also  investigating if there are any other reasons behind the murder.

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