Male teacher is kidnapped, drugged and raped by four women: Sperm bandits


A male teacher in Zimbabwe has been kidnapped on a street while he was asking for a lift. The male teacher was then drugged with liquid and then taken away in a Toyota Quantum. He was then gang-raped by a group of four African women in the car itself. The four women are said to be ‘sperm bandits’ who steal semen from men. The four female women has taken away semen from the male teacher and then thrown him in a bush.

He was completely naked and was left near a bush with bruised genitals and he also had some injuries on genitals. The men after getting conscious he wore dress and managed to reach the main road and taken help from passer and reached police station at last. The unnamed man filed a complaint in the police station and is around 20 years old. The police stated that they have arrested few women’s who were caught with 35 condoms filled with semen.

male teacher rapped

The male teacher was taken to the nearby St. Luke’s Hospital and after getting treatment he responded to the police about how the situation happened. The man stated that a car stopped by him and offered lift in a Toyota Quantum which was seen with South African registration plates.

raped by women

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The incident which has happened to the male teacher shows that the women had a perfect plan and are semen harvesters. When the incident took place, the male teacher was covered his eyes with a cloth by one women while other women grabbed his feet and hands. They have quickly loaded him into van and given a drug by forcing the male teacher.

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