Make your muscles stronger with this simple food habits


Doing workout daily is important and maintaining proper diet is very important. To get proper body we have to do 30% workout and maintain 70% diet. To get stronger muscles we should take proper protein food with proper workout. Usually everyone knows chicken, fish and mutton are rich in proteins. Here is the list of high protein food for vegetarians.

  • Spinach, Ex-steroids in spinach will help your muscle to grow.
  • Almonds, it has rich protein and fat substance will make your muscle grow stronger.
  • Chocolates and chocolates milk will also help your muscle grow…
  • Drink lot of water, it will also help in maintaining your body weight…
  • Peanut butter, also make your muscle stronger.
  • Brown bread will also help you to gain body weight…


Fallow this simple food habits to make your muscles stronger…

************* Stay fit and stay healthy *************

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