How to make internet 100-times faster with infrared Wi-Fi system

increase wifi speed easily

In coming days you may enjoy internet 100 times faster than the existing internet speed. The scientists have found a new way to boost the internet speed with the help of infrared rays which is totally safe. This can be 100times faster than the current Wi-Fi speed. Another best part with infrared rays is, you can connect as many as devices you would like to. When using Wi-Fi you can connect only few devices with an average speed.

You might probably get irritated when your Wi-Fi runs slow and we usually connect our devices with Wi-Fi at home instead of using data packs. To get you out of slow internet, the Eindhoven University of technology researchers from Netherlands has developed a new wireless network. This wireless network provides internet speed at 40 Gigabits in just one second.

net speed increase

The researchers have found a simple and cheaper way to set up this great wireless network. The data will be driven from the light antennas. Optical fiber will generate light with which you can use internet. You can also set wavelengths and change the direction of light. These infrared rays are totally safe and are harmless to your eyes. When you are away from the antenna signals another set of lights will be directed towards you- said by scientist.

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This new wireless network can monitor the locations of all the devices which were connected to it and will drive more signals towards your device direction. This technology is not available in the current Wi-Fi networks. The present Wi-Fi routers have a capacity of just 2.5 to 5 gigahertz. If this new infrared wireless network is available for the people in future then it would also change the way of smart devices usage.

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