How to make cold sales phone calls


How perfect you may speak English but to make cold calls you need something more than just speaking English. Making cold calls for sales leads is never easy and you need to expertise it. If you are looking to sell your product/service over phone then you have to master the art of convincing your customer but you need to follow certain things if you are a rookie.

1) Communication skills

Communication skills play a key role while speaking with your customers. You need to speak fluent English and you have to be clear and loud. If you are weak at communication skills then you better improve it.

2) Practice! Practice! Practice!

Before making cold calls practice with your friends or colleagues. Don’t panic and be strong. It’s ok even if you get negative responses in the beginning. After speaking  few calls you will eventually gain experience and confidence too.

3) Be prepared for common objections

There are few common objections from majority of the customers and be prepared for it. You should be capable of handling certain objections by the customers and you have to face them with confidence.

4) Don’t be over-enthusiastic

When you make a call, start conversation in a pleasant tone and don’t be loud & noisy in the beginning it self. Start by saying Hello, sir! And wish him/her a good day. Don’t frighten the customer with unnecessary arguments.

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5) know your what you are selling

Before making a call have a complete knowledge on what you are selling. Customer will raise many doubts and questions and you have to be prepared for everything.

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