Mahesh Babu’s SPYDER movie story leaked, it’s marvelous

SPYder teaser

The much awaited SPYder teaser is out and it is taking internet by storm. SPYder teaser showed us a glimpse of the movie and a high-tech spyder climbing on Mahesh Babu. However, we all know that Mahesh is acting as a spy in the film and this is the first time he is acting as a under-cover agent. This film will be a highlight in Mahesh’s career as SPYDER film is a high-tech film.

VFX quality is of next level and the story of spyder is leaked just a day after its teaser release and its pretty amazing. SPYDER is based on the concept of BIO Terrorism and SJ Suriya is playing a negative role and he plans to use a virus to kill people and unknowingly Rakul Preet Singh who plays role of doctor falls in his trap.

Mahesh Babu's SPYder video songs

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However, being a SPY, Mahesh knows that Rakul is being used by villain to transfer the virus. So, Mahesh Babu finds a way to stop the virus by getting close to Rakul. With the help of Rakul, Mahesh will unveil the data of SJ Surya on how he is planning to spread the virus. He will prevent the virus from spreading to the world and that’s the story. Pretty interesting, right? The film shows advanced technology and this will be a feast for Mahesh fans.web of the baddie and how he nabs the baddie and defuses virus forms the story! The film release is set for Dusshera.


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