Mahesh Babu to act in 1000 Crore film: Mahabharata

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Flash! Flash! Flash! Tollywood prince Mahesh Babu might act in the India’s highest ever costly film worth Rs 1000 crore. The film is mainly a Malayalam film but will be dubbed in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and other main languages. At first there were rumors that Rajamouli would do Mahabharata and he has taken Amir Khan for playing lord Krishna’s character.

But a new scene has come up after an UAE businessman BR shetty showed interest to spend 1000 crore for ‘Randamoozham’. However every day each rumor is going viral as earlier they were rumors that Hrithik Roshan might play the lord Krishna’s character. But now it was said that Tollywood star hero Mahesh babu would act as Krishna in Mahabharata.

If this is true then it will be a unimaginable feast for Mahesh babu’s fans who are eagerly waiting to see Mahesh babu in an opus big film. Till now Mahesh babu hasn’t acted in any big film and he stayed only in Tollywood. His fans are eagerly waiting for seeing Mahesh Babu in national and multi-national films. Their dreams might become real pretty soon.

mahesh and chiranjeevi on set

Lord Krishna played a key role in Mahabharata and his role has a good importance in the film. Handsome heroes like Hrithik and Mahesh babu are the best choice for roping in for the Krishna’s role. Only Mohan lal’s role was finalized as of now. He is playing Bheema’s role in Randamoozham. There were also rumors that many veteran actors are acting in the film.

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Big B Amitabh Bachchan, Aishwarya, Shobana, Nagarjuna and few other actors. The film has double budget than Bahubali. Mahabharata will be released by the year 2020 or 2022. Mahabharata movie is the first ever Indian film with 1000 crore budget and will showcase the power and charisma of Indian movies to the world as bahubali has done it already.

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