Magic Leap AR prototype is a secret billion dollar project

Magic Leap AR

Google is currently working on a secret project with magic leap on AR prototype. The search giant Google has invested lot of time and money on this project. Magic leap is a $4.5 billion startup which is working on digital imagery. Before magic leap, Microsoft came up with similar technology on the name of Microsoft Hoolens. But the project of magic leap is much advanced than it as it can feature artificial reality which can generate 3D images.

Magic leap has got funds from the tech giants such as Google, Alibaba and JP Morgan. Magic leap has received $800 million in last year and it has already spent that money on the project. The world is eagerly waiting for the finish of this project. The AR prototype can get to the consumers and this will just like shown in many Hollywood movies like Jurassic world, Iron man and avatar.

The prototype videos are going viral in the social media where whales jump out from a floor and elephants can be hold in the palm. With this new technology you can share your world in completely new way. The present generation smartphones and computers are not having ability to handle intensive data processing and graphics. While other companies are working on AR, VR and AI; Magic leap is trying to mix them all i.e., VR, AR and AI.

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A new technology artificial reality will be developed by magic leap. The 3D images will be displayed directly on human retina. Even people who are having eye sight can experience this artificial reality without any problem. This technology may reach the consumers by the end of 2017. This is really a great milestone and achievement in the human history. Google has taken this project as an prestigious project as it would help the world define in a new way.

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