Madhuri Dixit pictures gallery: These pictures prove Madhuri aint old

Madhuri Dixit wallpapers hd

Madhuri Dixit is an Indian actress who acted in many Bollywood films. Madhuri Dixit is famous for her acting and amazing dancing skills. She acted with many Bollywood stars and has a national wide popularity. Madhuri Dixit was married to Madhav Nene in the year 1999. Madhuri Dixit acted in more than 45 movies.

Madhuri Dixit is currently hosting few television shows in Hindi. Madhuri is an excellent dancer and she proved it many times. The 50 years old Madhuri Dixit was born in Mumbai and acted in movies for almost two decades. Madhuri’s age number is increasing but she still looks like a pretty charming beauty. Madhuri Dixit still maintained charm even at the age of 50.

Madhuri Dixit aint getting old only her age is getting old. If you think that Madhuri Dixit is an old actress then you are pretty wrong! After seeing the below images you will get to know that Madhuri Dixit is an ever beauty. These pictures of Madhuri Dixit prove that she still looks pretty.

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