MacBook pro with 32GB RAM and kaby lake: specifications, price and reviews

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Get ready to experience the most powerful MacBook pro in 2017. The new MacBook pro which features an ultrafast 32GB RAM would be the fastest lasptop on the planet.The 2017 MacBook pro may be released by the end of 2017 if everything goes perfect. This new MacBook pro has many other extravagent features other than 32GB RAM. Additionally it also got a Kaby Lake MBP and an an custom T30 chip.  This MacBook pro is the most awaited lappy by the Apple lovers.

The ultimate MacBook pro will be an great advantage and much useful for the professionals for carrying out various works. There is no chnace of getting hang or slowing down with the amazing 32GB RAM. The 2016 MacBook pro was one of the best laptops in the world and most powerful from Apple. It has set an new era in the laptop industry with 16GB RAM. But 2017 MacBook pro would replace this 16GB RAM with 32GB RAM.

2017 MacBook pro

However the 2016 MacBook pro has many features but few flaws like lacking USB-A ports and an exclusively high price. The highlight of the new MacBook pro 2017 model is, it comes with Kaby Lake MBP.  This new chip will overcome the 2016 MacBook pro flaws as the 2016 MacBook pro has an old age processor.  Due to the old processor, people didn’t show interest for high range price of 2016 MacBook pro but now the Intel’s most powerful kaby lake chip would balance everything.

This is a good step taken by Apple to use the Intel’s powerful chip as other rivals of Apple have already started using Kaby Lake chip in the last year itself. So to sustain in the competition, Apple is making all the necessary changes in the new MacBook pro 2017 with value-added features. The MacBook Pro with 32GB can help the professional users in a great way as they run high end graphics and professional apps without any trouble.

According few sources, the 2017 MacBook pro would be powered with an Apple made T310 processor. This chip would handle sleep mode tasks like getting E-mail updates when the laptop is in sleep mode.  Apple is now designing this new laptop for both professional use and also normal consumer use. Apple is including all the features which can make the premium price of Apple MacBook pro justifiable.

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But we should wait for some time to see whether the USB-A ports will be included in the new MacBook pro. The official launch date and price is not yet revealed by Apple. This will surely stand as most powerful laptop and all the MacBook lovers are waiting eagerly but they have to wait till the year end for laying hands on this amazing MacBook pro. Stay tuned for for more updates about MacBook pro 2017.

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