The “lost continent” found under the Indian Ocean: The Mauritius Island

The Mauritius Island

In our schooling we have studied that there were only seven continents: Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, South America, Antarctica and Australia. There is a continent which was “lost” in the underneath of Indian Ocean. Recently in a study the scientists have found the existence of minerals which are three billion years old under Mauritius. The Mauritius is an island under the Indian Ocean which is the third biggest ocean in the world.

The scientists revealed that this left over was the part of the super-continent, Gondwana. When the break-up of this super-continent has happened there was a continent which was lost during the break up 200 million years ago. Years back during the volcanic eruptions in Mauritius; Zircon mineral was found by the scientists. But these rocks are very old that they don’t belong to Mauritius island. These rocks which were found in Mauritius, originally doesn’t belong to Mauritius Island. They are the left overs of the “lost continent”.

These rocks on Mauritius Island were three billion years old but Mauritius was not existed three billion years ago. The rocks on Mauritius Island were 9 million years old but the Zircon rocks were three billion years old. The Zircon rocks contain thorium, lead and uranium which helped the scientists to know the age of these rocks more accurately.

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The scientists believe that there were more old rocks under the Mauritius Island after they have founded the 3 billion years old zircon rocks. These rocks are surely a left over of a “lost continent” which was now covered by the ocean. The scientists stated that there were many continent left overs underneath the oceans which are not discovered yet.

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