How to lose weight by sleeping? 5 crazy hacks for weight loss

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Are you facing problems with heavy weight? Tried many things and failed to reduce weight? Well there are many ways for getting rid of heavy weight and here is the crazy one of all the techniques. This might sound weird but it’s true! You can reduce weight even by sleeping but not for long hours. There are some crazy techniques to follow while sleeping in order to reduce weight,

Gaining weight may be easier but reducing weight is not. You need to struggle a lot for weight loss and if you are tired by doing exercises then follow these techniques. Instead of hard workouts, you can try some sleep to reduce some weight. Now sleep and follow these weight loss hacks to reduce weight even while sleeping. Well, who would think that we can even reduce weight while sleeping. Sounds pretty cool right!

Reduce room temperature

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Try to sleep in a cool room with your air conditioner or a cooler. Make sure that you sleep in a cool room. You can burn fat when you sleep in a cold room. Thinking how it is possible? Well, when the room temperature is cool the body needs some warmness and calories will be spent to keep your body warm. But I’m not saying that this would help you in complete weight loss but this hack can boost your weight loss mission.

Tea for weight loss

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You can try some green tea before 30 minutes of sleep. Green tea can reduce weight in an extraordinary way as it has plenty of antioxidants. The compounds in green tea can cool down your nerves and helps you to sleep well. If you are having a habit of drinking a chai or a masala tea then you better replace it with green tea.

Sleep in a dark room for reducing weight

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Thinking how sleeping in dark helps in weight loss? Well, I have got answer for this! Do you have a habit of sleeping with lights turned on? Then you better turn off every light in your room and sleep in total darkness. Recently scientists have found that when we sleep in complete darkness, a melatonin hormone is generated and it helps us in getting a good sleep. This results in the brown fat which burn calories to some extent.

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These methods will not completely help you to reduce weight but trust me! If you add these methods to your routine techniques of weight loss, you can have good results in a short span.


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