Lexus NX Crossover 2017 price, features, specs & release date

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The luxury car maker Lexus has unveiled a new car in its crossover line-up. Lexus has showcased this new car in Shanghai Motor Show 2017. Lexus is the sub-brand of Toyota which exclusively makes premium and luxury cars. The new Lexus NX Crossover has got a huge grille at front with sharp edges and a beasty look.

“The NX Crossover design is the main highlight as it has got a good design and stylish appearance than the earlier models” said by Shin Kamiura, NX crossover exterior designer. The rear bumper is widened a bit and the exhaust pipes are now larger than the previous models.

Lexus have re-modified everything in the new NX crossover. A new redefined suspension and shock absorbers were integrated. Lexus NX crossover comes with Lexus owned safety system+ for extra protection.

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There were over 650 re-modifications in the NX. NX crossover is designed to give a pleasurable experience for the customer and driving NX is made a lot easier with its comfortable steering and ease driving options. Lexus will release the NX crossover by the end of 2017.

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