Latest reports on India China war: What happens next?

Latest reports on India China war

Here are latest reports on India China war. On Thursday, India’s National Security Adviser (NSA) Ajit Doval met Chinese state Councillor Yang Jiechi to discuss on border tensions of India and China. The top officials of both countries have given great support and wished for a strong relationship between India and China which is good for both the countries.

What happens if India and China go for a war? Well, that will leave heavy damage for both the countries and also for other nations as well. India China war will also affect many other western nations also. Chinese state Councillor Yang Jiechi said India and China together can work together to develop many things in both the countries.

India and China should stay shoulder to shoulder for many things and both the nations are developing countries. Many countries face common problems like corruption, a lack of quality education and healthcare which is even holding back India. India and China should work together to develop both the countries economies as India and China are dependent on each other.

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