Land Rover Discovery Sport new Ingenium 2.0 ltr engine: What’s new

Land Rover 2017

Land Rover Discovery Sport added a new Ingenium 2.0 liter diesel engine to its existing model, Discovery sport. The Discover sport is one of the popular SUVs of Land Rover. This new 2.0 liter diesel engine will replace the existing 2.2 liter engine. The earlier engine will be discontinued in all the cars and from today you can have a new engine. The 2.0 liter Ingenium engine is much better than the earlier engine.

Jaguar Land Rover has cut the price of all the Land Rover cars which is why you can get the new Discovery Sport diesel variant at just Rs 43.80 lakh which was Rs 47.59 lakh earlier. This huge price drop is pretty impressive and will definitely help JLR to boost its premium SUV sales in Indian automobile market.

Land Rover Discovery 2017

This new Ingenium engine is way too cool than the earlier one as it is more fuel-efficient and powerful too. The new Ingenium Discovery sport is integrated with geometry turbocharger which has capacity to boost the peak power. It also reduces the internal friction up to 17% than the earlier model.

The latest Land Rover Discovery Sport is available in two different variants offering 147bhp and a 177bhp. The 147bhp model is the basic model which can produce 382 Nm of torque while the top-end model with 177bhp produces 430 Nm of torque. The top-end model is a perfect car if you are looking for something far more than powerful.

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Land Rover Discovery Sport Ingenium 2.0 will clash with BMW X3, Volvo XC60 and even the Benz GLC. The new model is already available in all the jaguar Land Rover dealerships throughout the nation. Discovery Sport is one of the best-selling SUVs from Land Rover and this new edition will improve its sales even further.

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