Know how to view Wi-Fi password of connected android devices

hack wifi pasword

It’s always difficult to know the WIFI password of our neighbours, Friends and sometime even we might forget our Wi-Fi password. Whatever may be the situation here is the simple trick to track Wi-Fi password. Here we go…

Here are the Steps to track Wi-Fi Password

#step 1: In order to track saved Wi-Fi password from any android device, we should access the root files of device from which you want to retrieve Wi-Fi password. To access the root files we should install file explore application on device.

#step 2: To access the root files we should make sure that mobile is rooted. Don’t worry if you not yet rooted here is the complete process to root your handset.

#1 : Install ES File explore application on your handset.

how to root handset#2 : Now enable Root Explore option in your ES file explore app under the tools dropdown menu….

wifi password connect

#3 : Now navigate to the path as shown “Data>>Misc>>Wifi

track wifi passord

#4 : In WI-FI folder you can see a file called wpa_supplicant.conf

find others WiFi password#5 : Now open the file “wpa_supplicant.conf” with ES File Explorer‘s text/HTML viewer.

#6 : Now you can see network SSID and its passwords next to it. Just make a note of the password without editing or changing the data.

track others wifi password

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