Know Why US president Donald Trump warns Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

us prasident warns microsoft ceo

The new United States President Donald Trump has warned all the American companies earlier regarding the employment for Americans. Trump stated that the US companies are hiring outsiders more than the US citizens and hence the US people are suffering lack of jobs. According to Trump the US companies should give preference to US citizens than the outsiders. Certain actions will be taken on the companies if they fail to recruit US people than the outsiders.

However, Satya Nadella will not be frightened by Trumps warning as Microsoft has majority of employees from US. According to Satya Nadella in his previous interview Microsoft has branches all over the world and it is a Multi-National company. But since it is a US based company the majority employees will be from US. Microsoft has over 114,000 employees all over the world out of which 64,000 employees are from US that too in Washington DC.

Satya Nadella also stated that Microsoft has created many high payable jobs in America. Since Microsoft is a MNC and it operates worldwide, so it needs employees from all over the world. For example Microsoft even operates in India but we can’t recruit thousands of Americans in India. We can hire US citizens on US soil and we assure that the majority of the employees in America for Microsoft will be United States people.

After Trump’s win in the US president elections, the companies in US are trying to increase the number of United States employees and will hire majority employees from US. Trump has made massive changes in the face of America that it never faced before. This action by Trump may be an advantage for Americans and it is a great disadvantage for outsiders. Companies will now increase the number of US employees.

However, Satya Nadella said that we are providing plenty of jobs for US citizens and Trump’s policies will not affect Microsoft at all. Microsoft is an US based company and will be responsible in creating jobs for US people but it is an MNC, so we have to contribute to every country where we are operating our services. The online retail giant Amazon has released a press report that it will hire more than 100,000 US people in United States, this will increase the workforce of Amazon to 290,000. Not only Amazon, many big companies are getting ready to hire US citizens.

After Trump has won the president elections he met with many top company CEO’s and higher executives of Apple, Tesla, Facebook, Google, Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella and many others. He discussed about the employment of US people and other things. Trump mainly warned Aviation and automobile companies but he didn’t speak about the tech companies anywhere.

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