Know how to start “Secret Conversations” on your FB messenger


Now its turn for Facebook messenger to provide the end to end encryption .we all know that Whatsapp has recently rolled out there new update where end to end encryption is default. Where as in Facebook messenger both the sender and receiver should activate there device key…

What is end to end encryption?

End to end encryption means no one will have access to see your conversation other then you and your partner. Even Facebook don’t have the access to see your messages.

How to start “Secret Conversations”?

As of now can start secret conversations only through Facebook messenger. We can’t use this feature on desktop versions.

Here are the steps to start Secret Conversations on messenger

#step1: First you have to select the friend or partner with whom you want to start end to end encryption chat in your Facebook messenger.


#step2: And now above the call option and video call option we can see “Secret Conversations” option.

#step 3: Now select “Secret Conversations” option.


#step 4: on selecting the option you will get a pop up which says “This will be the only device you can use to send and receive encrypted messages.”


#step 5: clicking on “Turn On” option it will enable Secret Conversations.


#step 6: you can also select timer option where all the conversation will disappear from the messenger after that time period.


#step 7: you can even cancel the “Secret Conversations” whenever you need by just clicking on Turn off option.


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