Know this Simple cool hack to save your AC electricity bill

save ac power consumption

Now a day due to present situations and pollution humidity is increasing day by day .so to keep our body to room temperature it has been mandatory to keep an AC in our homes and office. Now a day’s it’s been very common to use Ac’s. But real blow comes when we see electricity bill in the month end…

We don’t need to lower the temperature to 16 degree to get maximum cooling. Usually we all do so… but it’s a baseless myth…you can keep your Ac temperature around 23 to 24 to keep your body at room temperature..

save Ac bill

Usually your AC power consumption depends up on the work done by compressor. Compressor will stop and start according to your room temperature .This start and stop process is the main reason to increase your AC power keep your ac at 23 to 24 degrees this keeps your compressor to work continuously this can help to reduce your electricity bill.

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