Do you know what the right age to start the gym


People think that they are in still 20’s and no need of exercising now itself!!! Well it is too wrong thinking that way. People actually start hitting the gym in 30’s either because of too much weight or for an attractive physique but the right time to start gym is in 20’s. At this age we can try any kind of exercises and we can make our muscles stronger now itself. As we don’t have many responsibilities at this age, we can freely start exercising without any problem.

Our body also responses well by starting gym at this age and we can also avoid laziness which is our main drawback. At 20’s the people don’t have any restrictions in trying out some special workouts, we can try out different combination of workouts.

By starting exercises at 20, our body muscle will increase and there will be no chance for having access fat. If we neglect workouts at this age then there is a chance of getting astioporosis and experts also say that at this age along with walk it is better to do squats, chin-ups and push-ups.


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