Do you know the reason why thin people get diabetics

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The scientists have found the reason why the chances of getting diabetics are higher in thin people. These diabetics in thin people will also lead to more heart problems and even chances of getting paralysis.

The reason for getting diabetics in thin people is that, their body cannot store excess fat. The experts in Cambridge university of Britain conducted survey on more than 2 lakh people’s medical reports. Due to the genes received from the parents is the reason for not letting them to store fat in the body.

As a result the fat is getting mixed with blood or going to lower body like stomach and excess waist. This is due to the prevention of insulin in the body, which leads to diabetics and heart problems.

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That is why doctors’ advice to do workouts irrespective of your body weight and have high protein foods. Avoid eating junk food in streets and drink plenty of water every day which is good for your health.

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