How do I know when I’m in Love

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Did you find the one with whom you would spend your rest of the life? Do you love him/her? Is it really love or just infatuation? You might probably get confused with all these questions as many people often face same kind of confusions. People can’t identify their relationship whether it is love or just friendship. How to know whether you are in love or not? Well, do not worry! We have got a test for you, go through the below aspects and examine yourself to check whether you are in love or not.

When he/she has settled in your mind

When you are in true love, you can’t stop thinking of him/her. You always keep thinking about your loved one wherever you are in this world, whether you may be in office or driving a bike or at anywhere and at any time. When she passes over your mind, you can’t continue your work and freezes thinking of her by stopping all your work. This means you are creating certain feel for her and before going to sleep, she would be the last thing you would remember and after waking up in the early morning she would be the first thing to come across your mind.

When you don’t give damn about other women

When you are in real love, all you care for is your partner. You won’t notice even if a hot and beautiful girl than yours passes by. The entire world becomes small and nothing in front of her and you only care and look out for her, if this is the case then you are in love dear!

Did you change yourself?

My friend, be frank in this particular aspect and do not cheat yourself! Did you change your lifestyle and attitude for her? If yes then you might probably know the answer for that. Earlier you would get angry easily but now you are too cool and calm. Is it just because of her? You won’t mind what others might think but you would constantly try to please your loved one.

Are you jealous?

Are you feeling jealous when your girl is moving close with other boys? If you don’t feel anything then it’s ok but if you feel jealous and anger then it is definitely love. We can’t tolerate when our loved ones being close to others and it is because you will come to a belief that she is all yours!

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Feel the difference!

You might have other girls as friends but they are far different from becoming your lover. There is a difference between lover and just a friend. You can feel the difference how you behave in front of your girlfriends and your lover. When you are with girlfriend you don’t care how you look but when your lover comes by, all of a sudden you become a handsome hunk.

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