Know How to identify original leather products: Bags, shoes, trousers and many more

know how to find original leather

We all love the leather products but the real question is that, is it original leather? Sellers usually cheat people by selling duplicate products for original leather products price. So it is difficult to identify the original leather products and we believe that it is original leather and will purchase duplicate leather products. There are many leather products sold in the market starting from bags, belts, shoes, trousers, wallets and many more. All the products which you buy may not be the original leather.

Leather is a great fabricant for using and we love to use it. But getting original leather products is very difficult as many people are not aware of how the original leather will be. Sometimes we buy duplicate leather products and imagine as if it was a original leather products. So for all these confusions and problems in identifying the original leather products, we have brought you some of the tips to identify original leather products.

Tips to identify original leather products:

TIP #1

When you try to fold or wrap the leather products like shoes, belt, bags and any other products should get back to normal shape again. If it dint get back to its normal shape then it is duplicate product. Original leather products will not have folding’s. So avoid purchasing of such kind of products if the folding’s are remained.

TIP #2

For original leather products contains small tiny holes. If it is synthetic leather then the holes are created over the products. So observe the holes on the leather products thoroughly before purchasing the leather products. An original leather product will definitely have holes over it.

TIP #3

Leather is a great material and feels very smooth. Leather absorbs water very easily, so if water is not absorbed then it is duplicate product. All leather products will absorb water and there is no such leather product which doesn’t absorb water. So if the leather product which you tend to purchase is not absorbing water then doesn’t purchase it.

TIP #4

When you touch the leather product, you will feel smooth and cozy as if you are touching a skin. In case if it feels rough or hard then it is not original leather product. The original leather is always smooth and it never gets hard. So purchase only smooth leather products and avoid purchasing hard leather products as they are not original.

TIP #5

Before purchasing the leather products smell it once. If you smell any plastic or chemical scent then it is duplicate leather product. The original leather will not have such kind of scent. Even the smell plays a key role in identifying the original leather products. A leather product doesn’t have any bad smell.

TIP #6

If a person sells leather products for cheap price, don’t believe him. As leather is a costly material, the original leather products will be costlier. If a person is selling leather product for low price then it must be a duplicate product. So never get tempted if someone is selling leather products for low price. If you want a original leather product then you have spend few bucks for it.

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