Know How to choose the perfect Running Shoe.


Most of us look at the style and the look of Running shoes before buying them. But we have to look about the comfort levels and fit. Yes, I know most of the shoes looks very perfect and comfortable  when we are in the shoe store but the real mess comes out when we are doing jogging or running on those shoes.


Mostly every shoe last for three to four months for regular runners. If you are using more than this then it’s time to replace them.

Before buying any running shoes first we have to decide what we are going to do with it? For regular running or for jogging or running for any race or for any sports, because every sports need different kind of shoes. And also every need has different type of shoes in the market.


And it’s very important to know your running style..!!

Yes, everyone as their own way of running style. Some land on their front foot first and some land on heal first and some people keep whole it’s very important to know our style of running.


And it’s very important to know on what surface we are running..!!

Before buying running shoe we have to remember on what surface we are going to run because some run on flat ground, some on roads, and some on it’s very important to know the surface first. Because if you run on roads we need more cuisine shoe where if we run on grass its ok we can use less cuisine shoe…


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