How to know calorie and fat levels in the food: Tellspec, new technology

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We eat different kind of foods in our daily life while some foods may be cooperative with our body and some foods leads to certain health problems like allergies.  We don’t know what kind of nutrients, proteins, fats and other compounds are present in the food which we eat. The real confusion for many people comes with egg, people who don’t like to eat egg will get a bizarre situation to identify whether food consists of egg or not.

Some cakes are said to be made without using eggs but is it real? Are they really made without using eggs? To crack all these confusions, here is an amazing device which tells you about the components present in the food. A new device called “tellspec” can give you complete information about your food.

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This tellspec device will scan the food and gives details to smartphone as you need to integrate/connect it with your smartphone. The tellspec looks like a mouse with a button on top of it and it lets you know the allergic levels, calcium, proteins and other fatty levels. This way you can know whether you need to eat a specific food or not.

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