How to know if it’s a boy or girl? Natural way to find out pregnancy results

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Is it a boy or girl? Many parents have the same doubt that the child who is going to be delivered by mothers is boy or girl. This is common doubt for many pregnant mothers and even relatives wonder whether it’s a boy or girl. However few people will find out via scanning but according to rules and regulations it is illegal. But the scientists have found that it can be known whether the child is boy or a girl in a natural method.

This is quite simple and came in to existence very recently. We can know whether the child is boy or girl with the help of mother’s blood pressure (BP). Before delivery if mother’s BP is high then she will deliver a boy and in case if her BP is low then she will deliver a girl child. Usually before delivery of child, people do not care about the mother’s BP but there is a close relation between mothers’ BP and the child.

In a study the doctors of Canada have done research on 3000 mothers since ten years for accurate results. They have tested BP, sugar levels and cholesterol of pregnant women and studied the results thoroughly. In their study they have got pretty amazing results. They have come to know that if the BP is high, then the mother delivered a boy and if the BP is low, then mother delivered a girl.

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This way people can find whether a boy or a girl. The doctors have got accurate results after several cross checking’s. This method is completely safe and simple as there is no need of any scanning or tests. Just by checking the BP levels of the mother, we can find out whether she is delivering a boy or a girl.

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