How to know when my beauty products expire: Safety precautions in using beauty products

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Many women out there use various beauty products but do you know when to replace your beauty products? The expiry date may be too long but you should not wait until the final expiry date. The beauty products will get various bacteria’s and infections which are harmful for your face. You will face lot of skin problems if you are still using the products which are expired already.

Here we have stated few beauty products which are used more often by women. These products when used even after expiry will cause more infections as they are used in sensitive skin parts. It’s time to checkup your beauty products that in which condition they are. Follow the below stated guidelines when to change or replace your beauty products.

Eye shadows

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Do you have a habit of using eye shadow for your eye lids? Then you better replace it for every 3 months without any concern about the expiry date. The eye shadows are continuously in contact with mucous membrane and there are chances of getting bacteria to the product and it will transfer infections which are harmful for your eyes and you may also feel itchy.


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Lipstick is the most often used beauty product used by many girls and it is applied on the lips. There are many types of lipsticks available in the market but you should change your lipstick for every 10 -12 months. When it gets harder to apply lipstick it indicates that it is out of date. For better and safe lips get aware of your lipstick.


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You should be more careful when using mascara as you have to remove the brush and use it. When you re-insert the brush inside then it carries bacteria and will generate certain infections when you use it for the next time. This causes lot of itchiness on your eyes. You should change your mascara for 2-3 months to avoid any infection on your eyes.


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Eyeliner is also used on a sensitive are of your eyes. It should also be replaced for every 2-3 months just like your mascara. Use a quality eye liner otherwise you will end up with infections, redness and itchiness.  Be careful when you are using an eye liner and do not use it while you are travelling in a vehicle.

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