Kesineni Travels shutdown, all buses for sale: Reasons behind shutdown

kesineni travel for sale

One of the major travels company, Kesineni travels have been shut down and all its buses were kept for sale in second hand. TDP MP of Vijayawada, Kesineni Nani owns kesineni travels which owns 175 buses and transports people to various destinations across the country. But unfortunately Kesineni Nani has taken a critical decision to close down the kesineni travels services.

Travels business is his one of the profitable businesses and now all the offices of kesineni will be closed and all its 175 buses are kept for sale. Kesineni Nani had altercations with transport officials and finally he has decided to shut down kesineni travels. Even the head of TDP and chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Chandrababu Naidu also warned Kesineni Nani earlier for his actions.

Kesineni Nani was upset as there were many allegations on private travels that they were looting and fleecing the passengers and disobeyed the government rules in following certain guidelines. Kesineni travels are having branches in Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Vizag, Bangalore and Chennai. All the offices remained closed from the morning.

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No tickets were booked from the morning and all the services were stopped. Kesineni is now looking for buyers who would like to buy 175 buses of Kesineni. However this is a shocking news for everyone and there is no news on what happens next to Kesineni employees. Will they get compensation or any other help?

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