How to keep socks fresh? Avoid socks smell with this simple tip

We all face this problem. Our socks do stink and smell awfully. That’s probably because when we wear socks, our foot doesn’t get any fresh air. Hence sweat will form up in our shoes and creates awful smell. Another reason for this is, our foot contains certain access points which are commonly known as meridians. The nerves in our foot generate power in our body but when we wear shoes these nerves do not function well.

This was the reason why doctors suggest us to walk on grass and land without wearing any shoes. For better meridians take a walk every day and in case if you don’t have enough time for walking then keep onion slices in your socks. This way you can improve meridians and can also avoid socks smell.


Why should I use onions?

Onions are great in destroying germs and bacteria. Onions contain rich levels of phosphoric acid which purifies blood. It also removes the bad smell in your socks but you need to keep onion slices in your socks and after few hours remove the onion slices and wash your socks. This way your socks will stay fresh for a longer period and you can also remove bad smell from socks.

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f using onions in socks is it kills bacteria. Yes, this may sound weird but it’s true! Keep fresh onion slices in your socks before going to bed and remove in the early morning. For proper body functioning you need to follow this method at least for once or twice in a week.

How to keep socks fresh? Avoid socks smell with this simple tip
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How to keep socks fresh? Avoid socks smell with this simple tip
How to avoid socks smell? Checkout the benefits of using onions in socks and also find how to purify blood and kill bacteria and gems in the body. Is using onions in socks safe? benefits and side affects.
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