Plastic surgery apps to get banned as parents complain in the court

plastic surgery apps

Plastic surgery is no game and it should be away from children. This is what parents in New Zealand thinks and thousands of parents signed petition over the Plastic surgery apps which should be away from kids. These plastic surgery apps are impacting children in a negative way as some kids tried plastic surgery in real as they played the plastic surgery game. The plastic surgery game is a dangerous app which kids are using.

The petitions were submitted from eight different countries on the plastic surgery apps. The plastic surgery simulator will let the children to perform certain surgeries by using tools like needles, knives and scalpels. The petition was filed against this plastic surgery simulator and more than 6000 signatures were collected as of now. This game is creating fuzz in children and is developing a kind of physique phenomena.

Children are going in a wrong way by using these plastic surgery apps and they are imagining that to look beautiful one should undergo with plastic surgery and they are also brainwashed about the facial parts in a wrong way. As of now 6000 petitions were collected and after reaching 7,500 signatures this issue will reach the desk of Apple, Google and Amazon to take necessary actions on the plastic surgery apps.

surgery app

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These plastic surgery games will let children to perform liposuction, nose reduction, lips and skin brightening. So an action should be taken against the plastic surgery apps else this will lead to more disorders and problems in children. There is no need to learn about plastic surgery in childhood as it is no useful for kids and will make them physiques when they are kids.Keep away plastic surgery apps from kids

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But however some people are suggesting that it is the responsibility of parents to take care of their children. Parents should monitor what kind of games their kids are playing in the smartphones. In case if their kids are using wrong apps then the parents should control them and counsel their kids. Parents should not allow their kids to download such kind of apps. What do you think about this? Is it the responsibility of parents or is it the responsibility of play store service providers like Google, Apple and Amazon? Please let us know in the comments below.

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