KCR harsh comments on Pawan Kalyan & Kapus

Pawan Kalyan and KCR talk fights

Telangana Chief Minister KCR harsh comments on Pawan Kalyan & Kapus made everyone shocked and it also angered Pawan kalyan fans. KCR said that Jana Sena leader Pawan kalyan is not having any chance in AP politics and he can’t play a significant role in Andhra Pradesh politics. KCR said that his friend has given him survey reports and according to that YSRCP is having 45% chance, TDP is having 43% chance, BJP has 8% chance and Jana sena is having only 1.8%.

KCR also said that, “we all know what happened when Chiranjeevi started Prajarajyam and running a political party was never easy. In Andhra Pradesh, kapu community play a strong role but now they have separated and there is no unity among Kapu’s. Andhra people in Hyderabad have turned towards us and they are in showing good appreciation to us”.

Pawan Kalyan or any Jana Sena official haven’t responded yet on the comments of KCR. People looking forward for Pawan Kalyan’s response on KCR comments. In the recent times, Pawan kalyan hasn’t commented on KCR. Pawan mainly targeted BJP leaders in his meetings. KCR recently met PM Narendra Modi to discuss about increasing number of political areas.

People are eagerly waiting for 2019 elections as it has generated loads of expectations and interest as a new party like Jana Sena has came up in Andhra Pradesh and TRS party is also having big test as this is the first elections after TRS party coming into power in Telangana and people will decide whether TRS party has done good or bad to them.

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