Kayocera Rafre Waterproof smartphone can be washed with soap

Kayocera Rafre

Do you have guts to wash your Android smartphone with water and soap? That’s impossible right! But with Kayocera Rafre you can wash it with water and soap. This is insane and crazy but yes you can wash your smartphone just like your clothes. The Japanese smartphone manufacturer Kayocera has released a new washable smartphone. Rafre is not the first washable smartphone but the world’s first ever washable smartphone is also made by Kayocera which was named as DIGNO Rafre.

Rafre smartphone is really amazing and is perfectly a next generation smartphone. You can use this washable smartphone anywhere as it is resistant to everything. Rafre is resistant to hot and cold water with which you can even use a soap. You can’t use normal smartphones while taking a shower. But with Rafre you can even use this amazing device even in shower. Listen to songs, take calls and do whatever you want to do with a smartphone while taking shower. You can just dive in a swimming pool by Rafre smartphone in your pocket. Rafre is also dust resistant and has a very strong body. You can operate Rafre even if your hands are wet and dirty. Now no need to worry if you are going out in a rain as Rafre smartphone will be safe from rain water. Rafre is also a shock resistant.

Rafre uses smart sonic receiver technology which will transmit sound through vibrations. Rafre is not just a washable smartphone as it has all the features like other smartphones.

Water resistent phone

Kayocera Rafre Specifications:

This extraordinary smartphone has a 2GB RAM and comes with 16GB internal memory. Rafre has a powerful battery of 3000mAh which runs on the latest Android version 7.0. Rafre also has an great camera which has 13 megapixels with LED flash. Rafre has 5inch HD display. Rafre is a bit different to its  predecessor DIGNO Rafre as DIGNO is just an foam resistant. But Rafre is both foam and soap resistant. However Rafre is released only in Japan and Kayocera not yet announced about the availability of Rafre in other parts of the world. The price of Rafre may vary according to different markets and you should hold your ground to lay hands on this amazing washable smartphone.

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