Kaspersky OS announced, made IoT more secure: A 14 years hard work

high secure OS

Kaspersky announced its first ever operating system (OS) after developing it for almost 14 years. Kaspersky struggled a lot to develop its own OS and is the first ever Kaspersky OS. Till now we have seen Kaspersky anti-virus software which protects the systems from any viruses and it also enables the safe internet browsing. The new Kaspersky OS will provide safe and secure browsing for systems and devices.

The operating system is entirely original and a new one which doesn’t have any traces of Linux code. Kaspersky has developed this new OS with lot of concentration and hard work to provide high-end security for the users. The Kaspersky team developed it from scratch and finished the project after several tests. Kaspersky is a Russian security company which protects the unsecured devices from viruses and hacks.

secure operating systems from Kaspersky

Every year worldwide millions of people have been affected by the cyber-attacks and now Kaspersky came up to protect the people from cyber-attacks. The latest KasperskyOS is available in three variants: A KSS which enables safe interaction between OS components, a KSH that acts as a hypervisor to run virtual machines and a KOS product. Kaspersky after 14 years of struggle will put an end for cyber criminals and makes the cyber-attacks unprofitable for the criminals.

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These secure operating systems from Kaspersky are really a bad news for cyber-criminals as these operating systems makes difficult for cyber-attacks.  Kaspersky founder, Eugene announced the KasperskyOS on February 20. However the network devices, Internet of Things (IoT) and industrial control systems can avail the new Kaspersky OS as of now. The Kaspersky OS is way too different and advanced as well because it won’t perform any actions unless the user permits the actions.

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