Kangana Ranaut to quit acting, reasons revealed

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The national award winner for best actress, Kangana Ranaut will not face camera in the near future. Shockingly and even more surprisingly Kangana Ranaut has declared retirement from acting. The ‘Queen’ actress will no more be a heroine and this is really sad news for her fans. Kangana Ranaut always makes it to news with her bold moves or be it bold statements on stars like Hrithik Roshan, Karan Johar etc.,

Kangana Ranaut will stop acting in films and she announced herself that she won’t appear in any movies. Kangana Ranaut is currently acting in Rani Lakshmi Bai’s biopic, ‘manikarnika’. Kangana will say goodbye to movies after acting in this historic film directed by Krish who recently directed an historic film, GPSK with Bala Krishna. With this film Krish will be introduced to Bollywood.

Kangana Ranaut stated that after finishing her part of shooting in ‘Manikarnika’ she won’t appear in any films. Kangana Ranaut has taken a bold decision to show her another hidden talent apart from just acting. The actress now wants to become an director. Yes, Kangana is looking forward to direct films instead of acting in it.

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Kangana said “I have informed my decision to my new director krish that I will not act after ‘Manikarnika’. I will direct comedy films as of now and I may appear in films in future but not in any time soon”. Kangana Ranaut hinted that she may make a comeback in future. When asked about this surprising decision of Kangana Ranaut, the actress said “I don’t want to limit my passion over films with just acting, I want to explore more things in films”.

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