Kamal Hassan to leave Bigg Boss Tamil; Here’s why?

Kamal Hassan to leave Bigg Boss

Kamal Hassan to leave Bigg Boss Tamil? South Indian film legendary actor Kamal Hassan has threaten to leave Bigg Boss. In the recent episode of Bigg Boss Tamil, contestants were given task to play as mentally challenged by wearing green colored dress which resembles mentally handicapped patients. This episode has lurked the social media and many people got angry.

Many people criticized the episode as it was insensitive and indifferent to people with mental issues. Netizens have fired on Bigg Boss team for organizing such an irrespective task to the contestants. Kamal Hassan was so anger on the Bigg Boss team and he warned them to make proper tasks from next time. Kamal Hassan is the host for Bigg Boss Tamil, so he gave clarification on this issue.

The 62-year old actor has taken responsibility as he is hosting the show and he said “The task that made fun of mentally challenged people was not in a good taste. And I’m actually angry about it. We all have social responsibilities”. Kamal Hassan to leave Bigg Boss if the team conducts these kind of tasks again in future.

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