Kamaal R Khan Anti-tweets on Bahubali 2 & Rana blocks him on Twitter

Bhahubali 2 controversy

Controversy’s brand ambassador Kamaal R Khan or KRK once again took it to twitter. This time he bashed out Bahubali 2 and its actor Rana Daggubati. KRK called Rana ‘brainless’ and expressed his outrageous rage on Bahubali 2 and its leading actors Prabhas and Rana Daggubati. This whole thing started when south star Rana blocked Kamaal R Khan on twitter.

Rana vs KRK


Rana just blocked KRK without making any comments but KRK taken it seriously and bashed on Rana and Bahubali 2. KRK shared the screenshot of Rana blocking KRK and stated that “I never followed or tweeted about this idiot and he blocked me. He proved that he is brainless.” Kamaal R Khan didn’t stop with this and went even further bashing Rana’s co-star Prabhas too. KRK compared the number of followers of Prabhas and Rana to his followers.

“@Me_Prabhas has got just 88,000 followers and @Rana Daggubati has 2.6 million followers which mean both the Lukkhas together are not equal to #TheBrandKRK!” Wait! That’s not all KRK said, there’s even more. He re-tweeted to RGV tweets saying that “Sir@RGVzoomin truth is, no North Indian girl gives f**k about Prabhas or Duggi Batti. Bahubali fever is created just by media hyped crap”

Kamaal R Khan Anti-tweets on Bahubali 2 & Rana blocks him on Twitter

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However Kamaal R Khan should know that Prabhas is not on twitter and he got a fan account assuming that it is the official twitter account of Prabhas. But these harsh tweets of Kamaal R Khan on Prabhas and Rana have angered the Bahubali fans. Taking it to twitter, fans bashed out KRK and called him as senseless. However both Prabhas and Rana were not concerned about KRK tweets as they are busy in the victorious glory of Bahubali: The Conclusion.


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