Judge the Judge before the Judge Judges You :Justice C.S.Karnan

 Justice C.S.Karnan

As the saying goes, “Defeat the Defeat, before the Defeat defeats you”, Justice Chinnaswamy Swaminathan Karnan (C S Karnan)’s sentenced Chief Justice Of India and Seven(7) other SC judges to an Five(5) years of rigorous imprisonment the other day. Supreme Court in his latest ruling, sentenced Justice C.S.Karnan to Six(6) months of jail term holding him guilty for contempt of court. Wondering what this fuss is all about?

Justice C.S.Karnan

Well, the story began long before in 2009 when Justice C.S.Karnan was appointed as a Judge in the Madras High Court. Justice C.S.Karnan served in the legal bench for Tamil Nadu government and also the central government.  He served about 7 years in the madras High court and was subjected to some allegations by the bench. Then, Justice C.S.Karnan approached National Commission for Scheduled Castes(NCSC) alleging his judicial brotheren for ill-treatment of a ‘Dalit’.

Similar issues arose during his tenure in the Madras High Court. Later, SC condemned his behavior for protesting on the selection of portfolios for judges in Madras High court. When the then Chief Justice Agarwal wrote to SC requesting for transfer of Justice C.S.Karnan, the judge again complained to NCSC on Chief Justice Agarwal’s discrimination. Justice Karnan also alleged against the Collegium system of selection of judges.

Judge the Judge before the Judge Judges You : Justice C.S.Karnan

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After that, he was transferred to Calcutta High court on 11th march, 2016. However, he opposed the decision of Collegium to transfer him to Clacutta. After which he stayed his own transfer order. It had been taken up by the President of India to issue final order for transfer.

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