Jeep Wrangler Rubicorn release date, price and specifications: The powerful jeep

2017 new Jeep’s wrangler Rubicorn

Jeep is all set to lift the covers for the new Jeep wrangler Rubicorn which will be powerful jeep. The 2017 Jeep wrangler has many updates than the previous versions. You can ride this jeep on tough rocks, mountains, icy roads in any kind of climatic conditions. The new Jeep wrangler has got many off-road specialties than the previous editions. This new wrangler will be released by the end of 2017.

The front axle of the wrangler is much stronger with hard tubes in the tires. The rock-rails in the wrangler are updated with large 35-inch tires. Apart from this the Jeep wrangler has few cosmetic up gradations. The wheels are wrapped up in BF Goodrich KM off-road rubber of 32-inch. This is the most powerful and durable wrangler from the company.

Jeep’s wrangler Rubicorn 2017 model, the most powerful from Jeep

The 2017 Jeep wrangler rubicon recon is the perfect jeep if you want to go for an adventurous travel. It has 17-inch long grey alloy wheels and comes with red and black sparks outside and a red interior inside. The new 2017 Jeep wrangler rubicon recon is available in seven fresh paints: Granite Crystal, Cobra Black, Firecracker Red, Bright White, solid Silver, Gobi and Rhino.

The wrangler rubicon recon interior

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The wrangler rubicon recon comes in two variants as the two door wrangler rubicon is available at a price of $40,140 and a four door wrangler at a price of $43,940. This wrangler rubicon aint cheaper as it has the toughest body. The new model of jeep, wrangler rubicon recon will be first unveiled at Chicago Auto show and there are rumors that New Jeep wrangler will hit Chicago automobile market first.

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