ISRO to launch GSLV-III, the country’s powerful launch vehicle: Things you must know

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Well ISRO has entered in to the record book by launching 104 satellites in the orbit. ISRO has shattered the previous record of Russia carrying 37 satellites. We already knew that out f 104 satellites three satellites belong to India while remaining 101 belongs to United States, Israel, UAE, Switzerland, Netherland and Kazakhstan. However out of 104 satellites, the heaviest one belongs to India weighing about 714kg.

India has done this marvelous job with very less budget and this is the reason the entire world is looking towards India. With this India has set a benchmark for the top nations like USA, Russia, China, Japan and European countries. The global space industry is growing rapidly which is worth $323 billion and the launch service segment alone grabs the $121 billion.

Earlier ISRO chairman has said that “we didn’t launch PSLV for setting any record but to improve the expertise and capabilities of ISRO”. The specialty of ISRO is its affordable launch services which is comparatively cheaper than the any other country offerings. ISRO launched Mangalyaan Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) which costs $73 million while the similar mission of NASA’s MAVEN Mars Mission costs a whopping $671 million.

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However ISRO is preparing to launch GSLV-III which would be the nation’s powerful and heaviest launch vehicle which can carry satellites weighing up to 5tonnes to GTOs of 36,000 km. This would place ISRO in next level in the launch services segment of the global space industry. India stood at first place for launching satellites at affordable price when compared to the launch services of other nations. However the budget allocation for Department of Space is $1.4 billion while US allocated $19.3billion.

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