ISRO to hit Venus and Mars after setting the world record: Government confirms


ISRO is all set to make a new world record by carrying 104 satellites into orbit and no other country has done this before. Out of 104 satellites, three are from India and the other 101 satellites belong to other countries. On February 15th ISRO will launch the PSLV into orbit. The power of ISRO will be proved once again with this achievement. The world will look up on to India for its tremendous victory in the outer space.

However the latest news is, ISRO would start a new mission to reach the red planet Mars and Venus too. The government of India has officially announced about ISRO’s reach of Mars and Venus. This is the first time for ISRO to hit Venus and will visit Mars once again. We already know that India’s PM Modi has considered the technology and science, space research programs as the top priorities.

The sudden rise of 23% in the new budget to department of space shows the encouragement given to ISRO. The new missions of ISRO are Mars Orbiter Mission II and the Mission to Venus. The re-visit to Mars will commence in the year 2022 and this time ISRO is planning to land a rover on the surface of the Mars. In its first machine, ISRO carried out the entire program by itself.


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This time French Space Agency may team up with ISRO on the second mission of Mars. India’s first visit to Venus would be more spectacular as Venus is the second planet in the solar system and no other countries have visited Venus before. However NASA would join with ISRO for this great mission. NASA stated that Venus is a very important planet and there is much to be known about the planet.

The launch of the 104 satellites will be carried out in a great way by avoiding collision of satellites. The satellites will be released into outer space in less than 10 minutes without any collision. When the satellites were released in the space, they would travel at a velocity of 27,000kmph.

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